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US PROFESSIONAL SERVICES as a competitive cleaning company we strive to provide better and more higienic work and Residential environments, our Commercial and Industrial cleaning services are extended to already existing businesses .

At US PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CORPORATION, our well coordinated team is specially trained to handle large areas within time limits while delivering 
quality cleaning services Our highly motivated employees finish each proyect with dedication and perfection which is what, sets us apart from any other cleaning company.

The key reasons for the growth of US PROFESSIONAL SERVICE CORPORATION have been our clearly defined roles and objectives and the uncompromised quality of our industrial, commercial and residential cleaning services. Has a quality policy unmatched by any othere cleaning company and the quality of our work is absulutely guaranteed.

Our Service:
- Cleaning & Maintenance.
- Residential & Commercial.
- Moving IN & Out. 
- Floor Stipping & Wax.
- Floor Polishing: Vinil, Wood, Marble.
- Window Cleaning.
  24 Hours-all estimates